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History – President Trump Delivers Remarks During March for Life 2020 – 12:15pm ET Livestream…

At approximately 12:15pm Eastern time this afternoon President Trump is scheduled to make history as the first sitting U.S. President to attend and give a speech at the annual March for Life event on the mall in Washington, DC.

UPDATE: Video and Transcript Added



daughnworks247The Q TreeFollowing

The March For Life ~ 2020

President Trump will speak today, in person, at the annual March For Life. FULL TEXT is at the bottom.

We will drop in live links as they become available. He will become the first President to do so spanning the 47 years of the March. Yes, coincidentally, President Trump announced he would attend on Wednesday January 22, the 47th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Until today, VP Pence was the highest ranking official to speak. Pence has been a featured speaker every year since 2017.

President Trump addressed the participants from the Rose Garden in 2018. See here: Claire Culwell is a twin abortion survivor. Jim Daly is an author and broadcaster, president of Focus on the Family and host of its daily radio broadcastMarjorie Dannenfelser is president of Susan B. Anthony List. Louisiana First Lady Donna Hutto Edwards Senator Katrina R. Jackson, was born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana. (the one who wrote the law being challenged at SCOTOS)Elisa Martinez is the founder and Executive Director of New Mexico Alliance for LifeSteve Scalise proudly represents the First Congressional District of Louisiana (!!!!!!!)Melissa Ohden is the survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion in 1977Catalina Scheider Galiñanes is a young Catholic teen with a passion for the pro-life movement. She is 16 years old and is a junior at Oakcrest School in Vienna, Virginia.Elected in 1980, U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-Hamilton, N.J.) is currently in his 19th two-year term in the U.S. House of Representatives and serves residents of the Fourth Congressional District of New Jersey.David Platt is pastor of McLean Bible Church in Washington, D.C. and the founder of Radical ( He holds a Ph.D. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and has previously served as the president of the International Mission Board. His Grace Bishop Apostolos of Medeiaand a late addition…….. The President of the United StatesPhotos of speakers and expanded biographies found here:


editorCatholic Truthpresident donald trumppro-lifemarch for lifeFollowing

President Trump Makes History… First In Office To Address March For Life!


President Trump is going down in history for many things – but more than anything else, he will be blessed for defending unborn babies in nations which have descended into what Pope John Paul II called “the culture of death”. Not only is he proclaiming the right to life loudly, clearly and very publicly, but he lists, too, the steps he is taking to restore a pro-life culture. His very positive talk at the 2020 March for Life is truly inspiring. Let’s pray for Mr Trump…

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for him…
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for him…
St Joseph, pray for him…


athousandbitsofpaperKate Duff PoetrypoetryphilosophywritingFollowing

Worm Moon March Moon – life is circular – here we go again

The moon has woken me

Through the double doors it shines


Wintery Knight

WINTERY KNIGHTPro-LifeRepublicanRepublican PartyFollowing

Donald Trump is the first sitting US President to address March for Life

I am old enough to remember when Americans voted for a pro-abortion president for two terms. He voted for infanticide twice, as a state senator in Illinois. He subsidized abortion with taxpayer money. He forced Christian organizations to cover abortions. He forced Christian doctors and nurses to perform and assist in abortions. And he appointed pro-abortion judges.

Obama would never have address pro-lifers at March for Life. But Trump is planning to do just that today! He is the first sitting present to actually join pro-lifers and take part in the events in person.

There was a good interview between two pro-lifers discussing how Trump has done on the pro-life issue.

Christina Chase

Christina Chasebeing humandisabilityRespect LifeFollow

March for Life, March for You

You were once a zygote.

The moment that you were conceived, spermatozoon fertilizing ovum, the genetic foundation that identifies you as you was established. You were living life while smaller than the period in this sentence, and you began to grow.

You were once an embryo.It’s Good to Be Here Newsletter Processing… Success! You’re on the list. Whoops! There was an error and we couldn’t process your subscription. Please reload the page and try again.

Father George David Byers

Father George David ByersARISE! LET US BE GOING!Pope FrancisTrumpPro-LifeFollow

POTUS March for Life 2020 & VPOTUS

Thank you very much and thank you, Jeanne. It is my profound honor to be the first president in history to attend the March for Life. [applause] We are here for a very simple reason: to defend the right of every child, born and unborn, to fulfill their God-given potential. [applause] For 47 years, Americans of all backgrounds have traveled from across the country to stand for life. And today as President of the United States, I am truly proud to stand with you. [applause] I want to welcome tens of thousands – this is a tremendous turnout – tens of thousands of high school and college students who took long bus rides to be here in our nation’s capital. And to make you feel even better, there are tens of thousands of people outside that we passed on the way in. If anybody would like to give up their spot, we can work it out. [laughter] We have a tremendous group of people outside. Thousands and thousands wanted to get in. This is some great success. [applause] Young people are the heart of the March for Life. And it’s your generation that is making America the pro-family, pro-life nation. [applause] The life movement is led by strong women, amazing faith leaders, and brave students who carry on the legacy of pioneers before us who fought to raise the conscience of our nation and uphold the rights of our citizens. You embrace mothers with care and compassion. You are empowered by prayer and motivated by your unselfish love. You are grateful and we are so grateful – these are incredible people – to be joined by Secretary Alex Azar and Kellyanne Conway. [applause] And thanks also to Senators Mike Lee and James Lankford who are here. Thank you, fellas. And Representatives Steve Scalise, Chris Smith, Ralph Abraham, Warren Davidson, Bob Latta, John Joyce, Lloyd Smucker, Brian Fitzpatrick, and Brad Wenstrup. Thank you all. I have to say – and I look at it, and I see it exactly – we have many more politicians in the audience. But if you don’t mind, I won’t introduce them all. All of us here understand an eternal truth: Every child is a precious and sacred gift from God. [applause] Together, we must protect, cherish, and defend the dignity and the sanctity of every human life. [applause] When we see the image of a baby in the womb, we glimpse the majesty of God’s creation. [applause] When we hold a newborn in our arms, we know the endless love that each child brings to a family. When we watch a child grow, we see the splendor that radiates from each human soul. One life changes the world – from my family, and I can tell you, I send love, and I send great, great love – and from the first day in office, I have taken historic action to support America’s families and to protect the unborn. [applause] And during my first week in office, I reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy and we issued a landmark pro-life rule to govern the use of Title X taxpayer funding. I notified Congress that I would veto any legislation that weakens pro-life policy or that encourages the destruction of human life. [applause] At the United Nations, I made clear that global bureaucrats have no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that protect innocent life. [applause] Unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House. [applause] As the Bible tells us, each person is wonderfully made. [applause] We have taken decisive action to protect the religious liberty – so important – religious liberty has been under attack all over the world and frankly, very strongly attacked in our nation. You see it better than anyone. But we are stopping it. And we’re taking care of doctors, nurses, teachers, and groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor. [applause] We are preserving faith-based adoption and to uphold our founding documents, we have appointed 187 federal judges, who apply the Constitution as written, including two phenomenal supreme court justices – Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. [applause] We are protecting pro-life students’ rights to free speech on college campuses. And if universities want federal taxpayer dollars, then they must uphold your First Amendment right to speak your mind. And if they don’t, they pay a very big financial penalty, which they will not be willing to pay. [applause] Sadly, the far left is working to erase our God-given rights, shut down faith-based charities, ban religious leaders from the public square, and silence Americans who believe in the sanctity of life. They are coming after me because I am fighting for you and we are fighting for those who have no voice. And we will win because we know how to win. [applause] We all know how to win. We all know how to win. You’ve been winning for a long time. You’ve been winning for a long time. Together, we are the voice for the voiceless. When it comes to abortion – and you know this, you’ve seen what’s happened – Democrats have embraced the most radical and extreme positions taken and seen in this country for years and decades, and you can even say, for centuries. Nearly every top Democrat in congress now supports taxpayer-funded abortion all the way up until the moment of birth. Last year, lawmakers in New York cheered with delight upon the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb right up until delivery. Then, we had the case of the Democrat governor in the state of Virginia, the commonwealth of Virginia. And we love the commonwealth of Virginia, but what is going on in Virginia? What is going on? The governor stated that he would execute a baby after birth. You remember that. Senate Democrats even blocked legislation that would give medical care to babies who survive attempted abortions. And that’s why I’ve called on Congress – two of our great senators here, so many of our congressmen here – I called upon them to defend the dignity of life and to pass legislation prohibiting late-term abortion of children who can feel pain in their mother’s womb. [applause] This year, the March for Life is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which forever enshrined women’s rights to vote in the United States and given by the United States constitution. Such a big event. Today, millions of extraordinary women across America are using the power of their votes to fight for the right and all of their rights as given in the Declaration of Independence – it’s the right to life. [applause] To all the women here today, your devotion and your leadership uplifts our entire nation and we thank you for that. The tens of thousands of Americans gathered today not only stand for life – it’s really here that they stand for it so proudly together. And I want to thank everybody for that. You stand for life each and every day. You provide housing, education, jobs, and medical care to the women that you serve. You find loving families for children in need of a forever home. You host baby showers for expecting moms. You make – you just make it your life’s mission to help spread God’s grace. And to all the moms here today, we celebrate you and we declare that mothers are heroes. [applause] Your strength, devotion, and drive is what powers our nation. Because of you, our country has been blessed with amazing souls who have changed the course of human history. We cannot know what our citizens yet unborn will achieve. The dreams they will imagine. The masterpieces they will create. The discoveries they will make. But we know this: every life brings love into this world. Every child brings joy to a family. Every person is worth protecting. And above all, we know that every human soul is divine and every human life, born and unborn, is made in the holy image of Almighty God. [applause] Together, we will defend this truth all across our magnificent land. We will set free the dreams of our people. And with determined hope, we look forward to all of the blessings that will come from the beauty, talent, purpose, nobility, and grace of every American child. I want to thank you. This is a very special moment. It’s so great to represent you. I love you all. [applause] And I say with a true passion, thank you, God bless you, and God bless America. Thank you all. Thank you. [applause]

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Catholicism Pure & SimplePro LifePresident TrumpRoe vs. WadeFollow

Trump to become first president in history to speak at March for Life

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump will deliver an in-person speech on Friday at the March for Life, an annual rally held in Washington protesting the legalization of abortion.

Trump will be the first president in history to appear at the march, one of the highest-profile events of the anti-abortion movement. March for Life is in its 47th year, having taken place every year since the passage of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

Last year, Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise appearance at the march before roughly 100,000 attendees. The president also gave a message of support for the cause to attendees through a live video.

International Free PressFollow

“I Will Never Pass on an Opportunity to March for Life” – Multi-Millionaire High School Teen Nick Sandmann Returns to March for Life

Earlier this month CNN agreed to settle a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann, but the amount of the settlement was concealed from the public.

Sandmann’s lawyers filed an $800 million lawsuit against CNN, WaPo and NBC Universal after the outlets used a selectively edited video to make Nick Sandmann and his fellow Covington friends look like they harassed Nathan Phillips, a Native American who attended the Indigenous Peoples March in DC.

Sandmann’s lawyer Lin Wood told Fox News last year that “CNN was probably more vicious in its direct attacks on Nicholas than The Washington Post. And CNN goes into millions of individuals’ homes.”On Friday Covington Catholic’s Nick Sandmann returned to the March for Life in Washington DC.

Sarah Buynovsky

Sarah BuynovskyWNEP.comlackawanna countyscrantonPres. Donald TrumpFollow

Locals Head to Historic March for Life in Washington D.C.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

SCRANTON, Pa. — Before the sun was up, people boarded a bus off Keyser Avenue in Scranton Friday morning, heading to the nation’s capital for the annual March for Life.

“It’s just a bunch of really good people, it’s peaceful and solemn, and we’re down there to give a voice to the voiceless,” said Bill Young of Waverly.

The 47th annual March for Life is history in the making: the first time a sitting president is at the nation’s largest pro-life rally, with President Trump both attending and speaking to the thousands of demonstrators who oppose abortion.

Judy CampbellST Unleashed!Follow

March For Life in Springfield, MA

Today was the 47th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court ruling which legalized abortion in the U.S. Every year around this time, hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers march in Washington D.C. to protest the ruling, and others mark the day in their own communities. My mother and I attended a local event this morning; the day started with a Mass in St Michael’s Cathedral in Springfield. Afterward, my mother stayed behind with a large number of older folks who prayed in the Chapel and I did the first part of the march with the younger folks. We walked from St Michael’s to City Hall; at that point, a combination of being worried about my mother and being very cold prompted me to return to the Chapel-but the rest of the group walked all around downtown Springfield, just quietly wearing their signs and witnessing. In the time I was with the group, several cars driving by honked and waved their support; I was still wearing my sign while I walked back to the Cathedral on my own, and several more people honked and waved their support to me. There was only one person who seemed displeased with us-he was swearing about something, but it wasn’t clear if his displeasure had anything to do with us.

I pray all the time for both women and men who have been harmed by abortion; if you have been involved in abortion in any way and seek healing, help is available. God Bless and keep you.


smkelly8Ruined for Life: Phoenix EditionFollow

Trump: March for Life Speech

This takes guts as previous Presidents were afraid to go against the tide.

Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander

It’s amazing that a US President finally has the courage to attend this event .


NEOOn the Pilgrim RoadChristianhistoryAbortionFollow

The President at The March for Life

At least most of our American readers will be aware that President Trump became the first President to personally address the March for Life last Friday. It was a powerful address, as you will see.

The Catholic Herald has an article by C C Pecknold which brings to the fore one of the bases of our support for the right to life.

As early as the middle of the first century, a treatise known as the Didache began to be circulated. The word means “teaching.” Attested in some manuscripts as the teaching of the twelve apostles, it is absolutely the teaching of an early Jewish Christian community who had compiled the work over decades on the basis of a preexisting Jewish catechetical text which spoke about “the Two Ways” for it’s opening lines, “there are two ways: one of life and one of death. There are great differences between these two ways.”


stellaStella’s PlaceFollow

President Trump speaks at March for Life, the first sitting US president to do so


Thank you very much and thank you, Jeanne. It is my honor to be the first president in history to attend the March for Life. [applause] We are here for a very simple reason: to defend the right of every child, born and unborn, to fulfill their God-given potential. [applause]

For 47 years, Americans of all backgrounds have traveled from across the country to stand for life.


SLIMJIMThe Domain for TruthChristianityTheologyReformedFollow

Anti-Christian latest intolerance: Swiss Christian Chocolate Company

I read a current event article titled “Swiss Airline May Have Dropped Christian Chocolate Company over Its Pro-Life Stance.”

The first few paragraphs of the article stated the following:

Swiss Airlines will no longer give sweet treats made by the Christian company Läderach.

Bobbie G.

Bobbie G.A Foot in Each Worldcivil rightsfreedomfreedom of speechFollow

The Day I Was an Inadvertent Participant in the March for Life (and what it taught me)

Feeling the frustration of cabin fever, I woke that morning resolved to spend the day doing whatever made me happy and got me out of the house. I am currently jobless after a relocation to Washington, D.C., so one could argue that I already have too much time to myself. However, being stuck in the house all day has never suited me, and I need a certain amount of activity in a day to be able to sleep well at night. So, my plan was to take myself to the National Museum of Natural History, then to walk to the Lincoln Memorial to say hey to mah boi, and then to walk to Dupont Circle to visit my favorite second-hand book store Second Story Books. Not in the plan was my becoming the unwitting participant of a national movement.

Metro card clutched in hand, I headed out into the warm-ish late January morning, mission in mind, crisp air in my lungs.

Living in a city where one has access to public transportation–one that is so commuter friendly in general–is such a freeing thing. Spending 20 years in the metro-Atlanta area (nothing but love, ATL!) conditioned me to sitting in a car to reach most every destination. So, learning to navigate the Metro system on my own has been a liberating achievement for this girl who was raised in suburbia.

Nwo Report

Nwo ReportCalls for End to AbortionFollow

PHOTOS: Massive Crowd at 2020 March for Life Calls for End to Abortion

Source: Breitbart News

A crowd awash with pro-life signs and banners stretched from 12th Street past the Washington Monument on the National Mall on Friday for the 47th March for Life, an annual event that draws people from across the country to call for the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

Learn More


Truth2FreedomTruth2Freedom’s BlogFollow

March 2 Life-Changing Moments With God

God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.

Blessed be Your name, Almighty God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, You who comfort me in all my tribulation, that I may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which I myself am comforted by You. For as the sufferings of Christ abound in me, so my consolation also abounds through Christ.

Now for a little while, if need be, I have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of my faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ. You, Lord, stood with me and strengthened me.

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By Ronnie Lowry

Born in Missouri of James and Bettie Lowry.
Went to school all over pettis county.
Graduated 400 in 600 from Smith Cotton High School
1966 year of grad.
BA in Christianity in 1968

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