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Didis Art Design

Didis Art DesignFollowing

Laura Bretan – such a lovely voice

My dear friends,

Today I want to share with you a singer, Laura Bretan, 14 years old, with a divine gift: an opera singer with a voice like an angel.
She is so sweet in all her innocence and humbleness.

Thank you for your attention 🙂
Much love


xuanhaChuyện Nghề Nailtin cộng đồng nailFollowing

Nail Designs The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation #112

Nail Designs The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation #112 Here are some of the most beautiful nails art designs you can try at home…


Ianus Christius

Ianus ChristiusLibertas Novaanarchy in poemsdidis art designspoilt worldFollowing

Spoilt World by Didis Art Design

…Always something interesting, mystic and with a dose of intrigue, Didi´s poems are something that a man can read and wonder. So much power, so much emotion, so much true hidden under her powerful words!

Didis Art Design

Power dicates what is good
What is bad
What is in fashion
What meaning one should have


fortysomethingheyheyForty Something Life As We Know ItFollow

Foolish man — Didis Art Design

For short “blissful moments” Man sacrifices his whole life But eternal happiness Does not lie in external things In fulfilled wishes Chased pleasures It lies hidden inside in us It is time to excavate this treasure… Are we aware that we stand In our own way as a hinderance…? DidiArtist, 21.07.2019

via Foolish man — Didis Art Design

Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}Eileen McKenna Art & DesignFollow

Keep Trying

The other day I was working in my sketchbook, painting the outside of a Parisian cafe. Buildings and perspective are not my strong point. I am impatient and like to just dive in and start painting with minimal pencil sketching – which is probably why I struggle with perspective. Anyway, I quickly realized my sketch was not going to work. The placement of things was off and there wasn’t any saving it. No big deal except, filming and creating a painting of a cafe is part of my “Let’s Paint Paris in Watercolor” series and I was committed to delivering the video, which meant I had to paint a cafe.

So I tried again. It didn’t start out great but I persevered and used a trick I sometimes use, which is to flip my painting and the reference photo upside down. This allows me to “see” things differently. It has to do with the right and left brain. I worked through the painting and was moderately pleased with the results. I was VERY pleased that I’d pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I thought of the saying, “You never know what you can do until you try.”

Ironically after I edited the video, of the cafe painting process, I ran into technical issues exporting it. It took several days of troubleshooting and trying different things including re-editing it several times, before I was finally able to export it and add it to the other “Let’s Paint Paris” videos.


annahergertAnna Hergert, Art & DesignInspirationbloggingwritingFollow


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

December 6th… and really the first day after my return home where I feel like myself again. I cannot believe what havoc a 28 hour day without sleep can play on one’s life. Yes… I was up for more than 28 hours on November 24th, my day to travel home from Germany.

I am so glad I am finally feeling up to spending time in the studio! Today is St. Nikolaus day in Germany, hence the appropriate images. 😉 Best wishes to all those whose name derives from St. Nick… We are celebrating two family’s members’ name days today.


delaramartdesignDelaram Art & DesignFollow

Alcohol Ink Paintings For Sale

I Have Recently Gave It A Try With Alcohol Ink Art And Want To See If Anyone Is Interested To Purchase These! I Can Create However Many & In Any Color Combinations!


TCastMy camera & I…doorsdoorNorm’s Thursday Doors ChallengeFollow

Doors at Bromley&Co

“You can visit the same place over and over again and see it differently each time.”

This is a weekly challenge for door lovers – Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge- Doors at Bromley & Co

Bromley & Co is for anybody and everybody who loves any form of art. They have a new warehouse located at 45a Vincent Street … a wide and spacious warehouse gallery located in the Victorian Central Highlands. It is owned by a creative couple, Australian artist, David and his fashion designer wife, Yuge. It features paintings, art pieces for the garden, furniture, sculpture of local and international artists, interiors and even plants.

We (David and Yuge Bromley) usually take on projects based on our passion / obsession for art, design, interiors, fashion and generally liking to get our hands dirty with whatever creative scenario we can immerse ourselves in. Be it in the studio, planting gardens, seeking out treasures or collaborating on creative visions or with creative people it is all the same to us.


Kat MicaripaintingdesignDigital artFollow

Rose Red – Digital Art Design

I have been experimenting with digital design and wanted to share my first efforts. I sketched with pencil then uploaded the image. I am hoping to design some custom fabrics.

Colleen M. Chesebro

Colleen M. ChesebroWord Craft ~ Prose and PoetryCarrot Ranch Literary CommunityCarrot Ranch Flash Fiction99 words or less flash fictionFollow

“Flight Training,” #Flash #Fiction

The November 28, 2019, Carrot Ranch Prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about winners. Who are they, what’s the mood, and what did they win? Express emotion or subdue it. Go where the prompt leads!

Respond by December 3, 2019.

Tina balled up the award notice and threw it on the floor. She stomped out of the room.

Eddie Lee Art, Design & Photography

Eddie Lee Art, Design & PhotographyEddie Lee PhotographyhappycancerkillFollow

{No. 453} Happy Trails

A friend of mine who was a Boy Scout for pretty much his whole life, and was killed recently by cancer.

During the ceremony, his Boy Scout Troop shared a few memories with us.

One of the last times he left Worth Ranch, the Scouts were gathered in the dining hall. As he was leaving, they started singing “Happy Trails.” When Kenneth arrived home, he commented on the warm, peaceful feeling the song gave him. He later asked if we would sing it at the end of his service. Please join us in singing it for him. We hope it will give you the same warm, peaceful feeling as you leave his service today.Some trails are happy ones,Others are blue.It’s the way you ride the trail that counts,Here’s a happy one for you.Happy trails to you,Until we meet again.Happy trails to you,Keep smiling until then.Who cares about the clouds when we’re together?Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.Happy trails to you,Until we meet again.

Dee ❤ Sealed In Christ

Dee  Sealed In ChristSixth Seal MinistriesQuotablesAndrew MurrayHumility: The Beauty of HolinessFollow

Andrew Murray: Humility

“Here is the path to the higher life: down, lower down! Just as water always seeks and fills the lowest place, so the moment God finds men abased and empty, His glory and power flow in to exalt and to bless.”

― Andrew Murray (1828-1917) Humility: The Beauty of Holiness


"news house"

“news house”yazım’yazgısı (typography)Follow

Truth comes to the light — Didis Art Design

One can deceive oneself Hide from others Believe in his own fairy tales Convince others to tell the truth But the truth cannot be deceived It is there like the sun Even if clouds are blocking its light The light of truth always shines Penetrates all corners No matter how dark it may […]

Truth comes to the light — Didis Art Design üzerinden


wideeyedwanderingspoonieJP the Wide-eyed WandererPoetrySongs I lovequotesFollow

DVerse Poets Quadrille – Stay Little

Whimsygizmo is hosting Quadrille over at dVerse Poets Pub this week and has given us the prompt of “fill.”

Stay Little a Little Longer

Stay little a little longer
so I can hold you
a few moments more
here by the warm glowing fire
toys covering the floor


BE KITSCHIG#inspiration#motivation#loveFollow

Mermaid Wisdom

Let’s start this week with a little mermaid wisdom.

No matter where you float in the sea of love, it is important to see all the love around you. The universe is brimming and swimming with all shapes, colors and sizes of love – A beautiful coral reef of variety that’s yours for the sharing. An open heart is seldom lonely.

Margot Datz



Hot Takes 2/10/20

Rapper HBK ray says That Nicki Minaj stole his flow and art design on Yikes.. I do not see anything like that or hear anything like that

Yikes #1 trending all day and #1 on i Tunes

of course, Charlawoman is going to defend Gayle and Oprah he is on Oprah’s fat bra strap

Adriana Lee

Adriana LeeWWDFollow

San Francisco Art Fair Lifts FOG to Talk Art, Design and Tech

The FOG Design+Art fair in San Francisco got under way this week, heading into a weekend of exhibits and sessions for the Bay Area’s art and culture lovers.

Wednesday, the group held a preview gala benefiting the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, followed by an “Innovators Luncheon” on Thursday alongside the public opening of installations at the Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture at the northern end of the city.

Guests at the gala ranged from SFMOMA trustees and collectors to designer Yves Béhar and high-tech personalities like Instagram cofounder Mike Krieger and Facebook’s head of artist residency Tina Vaz to take in a variety of works — from statues and paintings to furniture and garments, like the Power Vest 2.0.

Ryan Seslow

Ryan SeslowRyan Seslow ART & DESIGNlifemusicexperientialFollow

The Vibrational Violinist

“The Vibrational Violinist”

This illustration is based on an experience that I had this week.

A fine morning in Brooklyn, I arrived at Atlantic Terminal to take my off peak train. At this early AM hour a super passionate gentleman named Tom (sadly Im forgetting his last name but Im sure Ill see him again) was playing his violin for the public as they too awaited their morning commutes. We dropped coins and dollar bills into his open violin case. I can’t “hear” Tom’s violin the way that you may, but please don’t think for a second that I can’t connect to his passion, emotion and sentiment. I follow every movement and can match the emotional rapport that so transparently poured out of him. That energy is transcendent AF… (AF = as fuck) for you older folks :))



Artist Marshall Robinson — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

Marshall Robinson is a Canadian illustrator with over 25 years experience in the field. After completing a two year vocational art course at Ottawa’s High School of Commerce, he went on to graduate from Toronto’s Ontario College of Art & Design in 1985. Marshall remained in Toronto for the next 20 years, working with many […]

via Artist Marshall Robinson — Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

Didis Art DesignGod, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, Dr. Harbhajan Singh, Biji Surinder Kaur, Kirpal Sagar, Unity of Man, Spirituality, Love, Compassion, Peace, Non-Violence, Right Understanding, Consciousness, Togetherness, Religions, Mind, Maya, Poems, Aphorism, Digital in a new tab)Delaram Art & DesignCustom Art | Interior Design | Art Instructor | CAD & Sketchup in a new tab)Eileen McKenna Art & DesignWatercolor Art | Creative Inspiration to help you be creative on a regular in a new tab)Anna Hergert, Art & DesignSharing insights & inspiration to encourage in a new tab)Eddie Lee PhotographyA life worth living is a life worth recording. in a new tab)Sophie Green Art & DesignContext, Research and Reflections around my in a new tab)TanyDi Art & DesignProduct Mockups | Photo Overlays | Digital in a new tab)AC Art & in a new tab)Perkins Designsart · design · in a new tab)Ryan Seslow ART & in a new tab)Lotze Art & DesignDiverse arts for a beautiful in a new tab)Art & Design Practice BA in a new tab)Greater Albion Art and Design BlogNews, Discussion and in a new tab)Art & in a new tab)Art & in a new tab)Art & Design ExplorationEmily Holmes (Rosalia) in a new tab)Truro College Art and DesignTruro College Art and Design Dept. in a new tab)Foundations of Art, Design, + Digital in a new tab)Decor Craft DesignDIYs, Crafts, Arts, Designs, Decors, Interiors & Mini-Scale in a new tab)

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Born in Missouri of James and Bettie Lowry. Went to school all over pettis county. Graduated 400 in 600 from Smith Cotton High School 1966 year of grad. BA in Christianity in 1968

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